Corvallis Housing First (CHF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing homelessness in  our community, is thrilled to have been approved for funding from Oregon Housing and  Community Services that ensures the development of Third Street Commons, which will  provide crucial supportive housing to those experiencing homelessness in our community. With  an aim to address accessibility, trauma, inequity, and the lack of affordable housing for people  with very low or no income, the organization is set to construct 46 apartments, along with a  services and administrative center, which will provide space for staff and partners to work with  residents and other CHF clients. The site is located at 1480 SW 3rd St. in Corvallis, is currently  being operated in partnership with Unity Shelter as a non-congregate shelter, and was  originally purchased through Project Turnkey.  

Corvallis currently has the highest rent burden in the state, making it increasingly challenging  for vulnerable populations to secure safe and stable housing. Also, as indicated by local Point In-Time counts, 40% or more of those experiencing homelessness are in need of supportive  services, such as case management, in order to stay stable in housing. Supportive housing is a  tool to help improve people’s lives and reduce costs, as it has been shown to significantly  decrease medical costs for residents, as well as reduces their involvement in the justice system.  

The upcoming development will not only offer high-quality housing, but will also incorporate  essential medical and behavioral services on-site, alongside case management. By integrating  these services, offered in partnership with the Community Health Centers of Benton and Linn  

Counties, as well as Community Outreach Inc. Behavioral Health, Corvallis Housing First aims to  foster positive and sustainable outcomes for residents, ensuring they receive the care and  support necessary to gain stability and improve their well-being. 

The project is scheduled to break ground in Fall 2024, and is expected to reach completion by  late 2025 or early 2026. The design of the development incorporates trauma-informed  principles, and prioritizes accessibility, creating spaces that are conducive to healing, growth,  and empowerment. This development will also be an asset to the Southtown neighborhood,  which was recently designated an Urban Renewal District. The project development team  includes Structure Development Advisors, MWA Architects, and Essex Construction.  

Funding for the project has been secured through federal appropriations, State of Oregon  Lottery Bond dollars, the City of Corvallis HOME-ARP grant, and funds from Linn Benton  Housing Authority. Corvallis Housing First was approved for funding through the Oregon  Housing and Community Services Permanent Supportive Housing Program, which includes 9.2  million in capital support, as well as ongoing rent and services support for future residents. 

Benton County Commissioner Xan Augerot stated “Third Street Commons is a fantastic project  – it addresses a County-wide gap in permanent supportive housing and advances the vision  described by the HOPE (Housing Opportunity Planning and Equity) Advisory Board”. “The city is  pleased to have more affordable housing units, specifically supportive housing, as this is  something we have very little of. This project has had a positive impact to the Southtown  community and I look forward to this expansion”, said Charles Maughan, Mayor of the City of  Corvallis.  

Andrea Myhre, Executive Director of Corvallis Housing First, expressed her enthusiasm for the  project, stating, “We are so pleased to be able to soon offer accessible, quality housing that will  provide a safe haven for individuals facing housing challenges in our community. We are also  grateful to the Oregon Community Foundation, Rep. Peter Defazio, Rep. Val Hoyle, State Rep.  Dan Rayfield, as well as Oregon Housing and Community Services, Linn-Benton Housing  Authority, the City of Corvallis, Benton County, and all of our other partners in the community  for making this project a reality.” Donna Holt, Executive Director of Linn Benton Housing  Authority, stated “LBHA is excited to contribute to the project that will significantly impact the  lives of people who struggle to find appropriate housing in Corvallis”.  

For further information and to schedule interviews or visits, please contact Andrea Myhre,  Executive Director of Corvallis Housing First, via email at or  by phone at 541-250-9479. 

Corvallis Housing First is a nonprofit organization committed to providing solutions to ending  homelessness and improving self-sufficiency in our community. More details and project  images are available on our Third Street Commons page here!